About Protein Bargains

Protein Bargains started initially as a business within Southern Spain in the Marbella area.  We have worked closely with Boot Camps and Gyms to ensure their clients are able to maximise their workouts and aid the fastest recovery times possible.  This is a key element of gaining the greatest benefit in the extreme intensive environment within the boot camps and Gyms located in Southern Spain, not only as a result of the intensity of the workouts, but also as the high temperatures and humidity experienced has a dramatic impact on the human body.

As a consequence of the number of frequent international visitors and clients we have obtained, we are continually asked to ship our products to our clients homes across many areas of Europe, with a large number of clients coming to and fro from the UK several times per year.

Significant and increasing demand coming from our clients based within the UK, and their need for faster and more localised delivery, resulted in us starting to hold and ship stock within the UK during the summer of 2017.

We are continually listening to our clients and take note of their needs; and they have tasked us to increase the range of our products and we are dutifully responding.  Therefore we add to our range of brands and products on a monthly basis.

Our very essence is that we listen to our clients and understand their needs, and respond as fast as we can.

We look forward to growing with the continued support of our rapidly expanding satisfied client base.